McKenzie River Trail

May 31, 1987

The weather was not too great, so we left a car at Buck Bridge and one at Trail Bridge for a margin of safety in case it got worse, and began our all downhill walk at Fish Lake. The trail was very beautiful even if the weather was not, and 11 people walked 20 miles, 2 walked 13 miles, and none of us walked 27. Una Munson and Barbara Spencer had foot and leg problems so they stopped at Trail Bridge. It was still cool and wet when we reached Buck Bridge so we were all willing to call it a day there. Unfortunately, the rain was pelting down just when we had to retrieve the cars from Fish Lake so several people were left standing in the cold and wet. All recovered. Despite the weather, it was a very good walk. 20-milers were Naomi and Bob Emmich, John Cecil, Jerry Crosby, Dewey Porter, Herb Lee, Shelley Melton, Jane Tucker, Jon Rentingel, Julia Ryder and leader Betty Macy.

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