Cloverpatch Trail

May 13, 1987

On a sunny Wednesday, we five women drove from Lowell on the North Shore Road to Cloverpatch lower trailhead. (We drove through Westfir to Hwy. 58 on our return.) At the start of the trail, wet vegetation soaked our pant legs, but the day was warm and we soon dried. We stopped at the viewpoint for a relaxing lunch, identifying peaks up and down the valley. We then hiked the last half-mile to the upper trailhead, and finally retraced our steps. Clifford Mitchell, recreation director from Lowell Ranger District, joined us on the hike and shared ideas and proposals being considered in plans for logging sales, road building and trails in the vicinity of Cloverpatch Trail and nearby Tire Mnt. and Alpine Trails. This being his first time hiking the trail, Clifford appreciated the beautiful views and vegetation, and acknowledged that this trail should certainly be preserved. We enjoyed the chance to share information and opinions with a Forest Service representative. We who use the trails should take every opportunity to find out what recreation plans are being considered and offer reasonable recommendations. Cloverpatchers this day were Helen Fisher, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lois Morse, Dorothy Porter, and Velma Shirk (leader).

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