Glide Wildflower Show

April 26, 1987

A very warm April morning greeted 18 participants for the combination Glide Wildflower Show and walk to three nearby waterfalls. The trip to Glide was beautiful with green rolling hills and acres of camas in bloom on the northbank road short cut from Wilbur to the Colliding Rivers Park. The outing began with a hike to the Fall Creek Falls, a few miles east of Glide, approximately 4 miles east of Susan Creek State Park. A .09 mile Fall Creek Falls National Recreation Trail winds around and through slabs of bedrock and lush vegetation to the double falls. The parking area is well marked and is located on the north side of the highway. The next stop was the wildflower show, magnificent as usual, and lunch. The ladies did not disappoint; tongue sandwiches and huckleberry pie were available as expected as well as other delightful foods. The next two waterfalls were up Little River Road #27, located due south of the Colliding Rivers Park. The first is the spectacular Grotto Falls located on Emile Creek. The turn off, to the left, from Road #27 is on Road #2703 marked “To the Falls.” Drive 4.4 miles and turn left on #2703/150, also marked, and proceed 2 miles to the Grotto Falls Trail. The falls are a short .3 mile to an area that takes your breath away. Don’t go in a hurry; one should stay to enjoy. The group had one more waterfall to see, however, and it was back down to the Little River Road and the Wolf Creek Falls Trail. This trail is approximately 10.5 miles from Glide and is well marked. An arching bridge over the Little River is the beginning of the lovely 2 mile hike to the falls which appear to be water sliding down a mountainside (or between two mountains) in 2 parts. It was a gorgeous, warm day for easy walking and the following participated: Dee Bray, Ted Briles, Barbara Chinn, Helen Fisher, Shirley Driver, Judy Forell, Gladys Grancorvitz, Maxine Hall, Corinne Hunt: Joan Keigher, Virginia Prouty, Pat Richardson, Henrietta Richmond, Ardys Ringsdorf, Joyce Strassberg, Don Sullivan, Linda Wells and Mary Ellen West (leader).

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