Jasper Hills

April 1, 1987

“A Hike for April Fools” was promised on April 1, featuring mud, rocky roads, blackberry brambles, poison oak and possible snakes! We hiked old logging roads on hills southeast of Jasper, with a cross-country scramble between roads. Clouds hid the view of Diamond, but other views of surrounding hills and valleys were enjoyed. We saw some early spring flowers (and much poison oak!). Two members of our group did suffer consequences from contact with the ubiquitous shiny leafed plant. I was pleased that my fellow hikers were willing to take a chance on rough, muddy, washed-out, abandoned roads. Although our route was not as smooth and pleasant as well-groomed trails, it was fun for a change. “April Fool” hikers were Quintin Barton, Norm Benton, Mary Bridgeman, Michael Cooper, Helen Fisher, Virginia Prouty, Kay Robinson, Tom Wiesenfeld, and Velma Shirk, leader.

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