Mount Adams Way

March 15, 1987

9:20. We start up the trail of Mt. Adams Way. Knowing that the trail is a steep one, there definitely promises to be snow somewhere on the way, with the new dusting on the ridges all around and above us. But no rain! There is only one logged-off area on this trail until we reach Knott’s Trail — that’s nice! We begin to reach snow at about 2000-ft., so put on gaiters. Reaching Knott’s Trail we are in 6" of snow, and at Mt. Adams’ alpine top (at 2:30) it’s 12" or more! It’s impossible to see Fairview Peak because of snow and clouds. Turning down on Crawfish, we were down by 5:00. It was a Good Hike for Mike Cooper, Bob Foster, Tom Wiesenfeld, and Becky Hansen (leader).

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