Tahkenitch Dunes

March 14, 1987

The forecast was for showers and winds of up to 40 mph. and it was raining when we left the valley. But, good fortune smiled on us and we spent most of the time being dry and seeing sun and gorgeous clouds on a practically calm day. We went through the forest section out onto the dunes and down to the coast. It was high tide and it was evident the seas had been high from a previous storm. We saw lots of shells lying about and some great breakers. There were some surf scoters swimming and diving in the surf too. When we got back to the trail at the edge of the forest we had to stop and just bask in the sun a few moments and drink in the beauty and good feelings of the day. To top it off we stopped at the Country Cookbook just west of Elkton and had some delicious soup and pie. We heartily recommend that eating place. Enjoying this hike were Jeannie Holmes, Mae Jackson, Mary Millman, Fred Schepman, Barbara Spencer, Ethel Steussy, Jane Tucker, and Shirley Froyd (leader).

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