Cape Arago

March 8, 1987

Sunshine and only a few clouds greeted the seventeen Obsidians and friends who drove to Sunset Bay to commence one of Oregon's most scenic coastal hikes. It’s a goodly distance (slightly over 200 miles to get here) but the trail to Cape Arago makes one forget the distance just covered as spectacular vistas oceanward emerge at each bend and twist. The drama of ocean-bottom formations that emerge from the sea to dive below the coastal formation just here, the scarlet lichen that trims the eroding sandstone cliffs of the marine terrace above the churning waves, the cliffs themselves which so vividly show the effects of the relentless ocean and its storms, and the smaller-scale delights such as the sea lions and seals at Simpson’s Reef never fail to satisfy the visual cravings of the coast hiker. A brisk wind was noticeable at Cape Arago. We picnicked out of its reach on the northwest slope near the sheltered beach which we explored to varying degrees, Lee going as far as headland permitted. As we climbed back up to the marine terrace to begin retracing our steps, a spectacular rainbow lead us northward. However, the pot of gold at its end turned out to be a brisk little rain, which caught us as we were leaving the interpretive center of Shoreacres, where we had toured the handsome gardens (not much in bloom yet). The path which had been mushy in spots on the way out now became even more so for the last half-hour back to the cars. Nothing appeared to dampen the spirits of the congenial group, however, and leaders Jack and Dallas Cole thank all participants for a great day: Dee Bray, Tom Cawi, Shirley Driver, Bea Fontana, Shirley Froyd, Lee Hatch, Corrine Hunt, Dot Leland, Doug Long, Mary Millman, Sharon Ritchie, Joyce Strassberg, Gene Thaxton, Jane Tucker, Tom Wiesenfeld.

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