Gold Point

February 15, 1987

9:30. What promises wind and rain; we start up the trail, with a faint hope that it will get better. Up the trail we see the sun peeking through the clouds, what a hope! “Rain, rain, go away; come again another day.” The first two miles makes a good workout, the second two a little better. It looks as if we will be at the top at 12:00 for lunch. Still no rain, but a cold, brisk wind blows through the trees and across the ridge. Across the canyon on Sinker Mountain, there’s fresh snow. Wood violets, manzanitas, grouse flowers, are beginning to bloom. The sun still peeks through the clouds now and then. Good for that! All hikers are at the top by 12:00. There’s a little old snow, none fresh. It’s windy up here; we eat lunch and start back down. Making good time, we are back at the cars by 2:00. Still no rain! What a hike by Mickell Couper, Barb Elsen, Lee Hatch, Connie Hunt, Virginia Prouty, Velma Shirk, Diana Tvorik, Linda Wells, Art Wild and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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