Camp Johnson Rally

April 24, 1987

Thirty-seven people attended the Potluck. Several more came to enjoy the slide show. Jane Hackett showed several slides of the Marble Mountain area. Doris Allen brought slides taken while participating in a Sierra Club work party on the west side of the Wilderness. Two very different environments were presented. The east side with its open meadows, lake basins and mixed evergreen and deciduous forest; the west side looked like solid granite! Following the Marble Mountain slides, Norm Benton showed slides from previous Summer Camps, 1960 to 1969. We traveled far in those days, from Montana to Southern California. Closer to home we had two camps each in the Jefferson Wilderness, at Todd Lake and in the Mnt. Adams Wilderness in Washington. Norm has a total recall for names. He was able to identify everyone! The slides of the Wilderness areas themselves were beautiful. Everyone appreciated the energy it took to put the show together. We all enjoyed it. Thank you, Norm.

Jane Hackett

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