South Sister-Summit Camp

August 7-9, 1987

The four of us left the hot sun of the valley for a nice cool night at Moraine Lake. There we threw our bags on the ground, and faced a bright full moon all night.

After waiting one hour for Jerry Crosby who was to meet us there, we left for the top. After a nice slow climb with full packs we made the top. After setting camp up in the wind shelters we played a little whiffle ball on the snowfield. When the sun went down and the snow firmed up, the game got a little faster.

Sunday morning we left our camp at 6:03 a.m. and after a long hard climb we reached the summit at 6:11 a.m. The weather was cold and windy. Climbers were C.A. “Red” Gilliland, Warren Hayner, Dennis Postma, and leader Joe Turner.

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