Three Fingered Jack

August 1-2, 1987

Sunday morning at daylight we left the PCT trailhead on Hwy 126. We hiked up to the south ridge via Square Lake. The weather was clear with no wind and when we reached the summit we were greeted by about 1 million flying insects. These little critters totally dominated the top 1 foot of the summit and made leisure activities impossible, but drop 10 feet in elevation and there wasn’t any problem. We all summited and made a quick retreat to an insect free zone.

I would like to suggest that this group not be allowed to climb together anymore. The level of humor generated by this combination of good people was very strange or at least borderline insanity. The participants in this climb were Tom Cawi, Jerry Crosby, Miles Cooper, Sandra Miles, Diana Tvovik and Tom Donnelly, leader.

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