Middle Sister

June 27-28, 1987

We had expected Sunshine Meadow to be covered with snow, and were surprised that the lower half had only patches. However, the upper half and the creek were covered solid. After setting up camp at Arrowhead Lake, some of us took the short walk to Obsidian Falls, and were still not ready to quit for the day so took off for Little Brother. All were then ready for their sleeping bags.

We were on our way at 6:30 accompanied by a young man who had climbed by himself on Saturday and was invited to go with us on Sunday. We all negotiated the steep snow near the summit with caution and much apprehension. After an hour on the summit, in warm weather and under a cloudless sky, we were soon back at camp. Meeting at the Rustic Skillet before going home were Brian Barber, Jerry Crosby, Robert Sullivan, Bob Foster, Diana Tvorik, our new friend and guest, John Englehart, and Lee Hatch (leader).

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