Fall Color

September 26, 1987

We departed from in front of the U.S. National Bank in the shopping center at 29th and Willamette (Payless) at 8 a.m. Up Highway 58 (Willamette Pass) to just short of West Fir/Oakridge. Climbed into the hills at Deception Creek. Dave had made a preliminary run, finding no color up the McKenzie without a lot of doubling back. On this route we had many spots. All the way to Fairview Peak by back roads. We even tried to drive up to the lookout, thought better of it half way. Had lunch sitting on the grass at the radio tower. Quite a few decided to walk the rest of the way with Dave leading.

Beautiful day, clear skies, great views. On the way down, came to a real “logging show” and Dave described the operation in detail, including each machine and manpower required. Had done it himself! A great setting for the “lecture.” Saw a pure stand of old hemlock, learned how it overgrows Douglas Fir. At the bottom of the hills, home by Disston, Culp Creek, Dorena Lake, Cottage Grove. As some ladies wanted to go to the evening theater, we made an effort to get back by 4:30. No spot laid out for pie and coffee during the day.

Fall Color participants were Rita Baxter, Ingrid Carmichael, Clair Cooley, Laverne Crabbe, Bill Eaton, Doris Frese, Loene Ellickson, Jane Hilt, Bette Hack, Lillian Johnson, Katie Hodges, Jennelle Moorhead, Lois Person, Lois Schreiner, Grace Smith, Maryelton Schutz, Ruth Williams, Hawk Williams, Les Crist, and Dave Burwell, tour guide.

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