Idaho Trip

August 23-27, 1987

We stopped for lunch at the John Day River, then spent an hour at the Whitman Memorial before arriving at Clarkston, WA.

The next morning we visited the Nez Perce Museum, viewed the Lewiston area from the top of the hill, drove through the WSU campus then to the top of Steptoe Butte for the view and lunch at the base in a plum orchard before circling Coeur d’Alene Lake, through Kellogg mining area, Cataldo Mission and on to our very nice lodging at Coeur d’Alene.

The third day took us to Hayden Lake, Bayview where Camp Farragut was and back.

Our fourth day showed us Spokane from the freeway, a stop at Grand Coulee Dam and its very nice vista house, then past Steamboat Rock and down the spectacular Grand Coulee to the Dry Falls where we had lunch and viewed the Dry Falls of the diverted Columbia — falls 4 miles wide and 400 feet high. We dropped off the plateau down a canyon to the verdant orchards of the Columbia River, crossed near Wenatchee and on up the Wenatchee River to the Bavarian-like town of Leavenworth. We arrived by 3 p.m. so we had time to walk around town and view the exhibits. A man dressed in Alpine garb played the alpen horn as we loaded to depart by way of Blewett Pass, through Yakima and over Satus Pass for a lunch and museum stop at the Maryhill Museum with its art and history of Sam Hill. We crossed at The Dalles and continued on home by the freeway.

We had very good weather and Don Morehead, our skilled driver, got us from place to place speedily. Participants were: Margaret Baldwin, Elene Barker, Rita Baxter, Mary Bundy, Ingrid Carmichael, Bernie Claypool, Judy Dobell, Vera Heidenreich, Evelyn Hile, Beatrice Hill, Jane Hilt, Miki Hutchison, Dee Kelley, Bea Lefevre, Frances Newsom, Elizabeth Officer, Jan Pattison, Mary Elton Schutz, Bill Stuart, Val Thoenig, Mildred Weatherby, Hawke Williams, Ruth Williams, Ada Woberg, Vera Woolley and Ewart Baldwin (leader).

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