Malheur Wildlife Refuge

June 25-28, 1987

On leaving Eugene we traveled by way of Clear Lake, with a stop in Sisters, and then on to Prineville City Park for lunch. We continued up Crooked River to Paulina and Suplee then over Snow Mountain and down Emigrant Creek to Burns and then on to the Malheur Field Station for the night.

Our second day took us to Refuge Headquarters and a look at the museum and the owls in the trees, then to Princeton and south to the round barn, then Diamond Craters and on to Benson Pond. We followed a remote road down the center of the refuge stopping at the P Ranch with its old chimney and beef wheel, then Page Springs Campground, the Frenchglen store and hotel and then the beautiful Buena Vista lookout over the marsh. Despite the mosquitos all seemed well housed and fed at the Field Station.

Our third day took us across Catlow Valley to Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Headquarters where we had a talk on the prongbuck and other things pertinent, then lunch and a swim at the “Blue Sky Hotel,” the hot springs south of headquarters. We stopped at the overlook to look over the fault scarp into Warner Valley and its many lakes. Poker Jim Rim to the north showed the old shorelines. We stopped at both the Plush and the Adel stores. Crump Lake and the former geyser were viewed. Hunter Hot Springs spouted several times as we paused, then we spent the night at Lakeview.

Our last day found us going north to Paisley where we paused, then we stopped at the hot springs just north of the Chewaucan River Delta and some of us went in. We detoured through Christmas Lake then on to Fort Rock for lunch and a look around. Then it was home via Crescent, Salt Creek Falls and Oakridge.

We were interested in the wildlife and scenery and it was the intention of the group to have Herb Wisner along. Unfortunately, owing to illness of his father, he and Ruth had to cancel but Bea and Miki as well as others did their best to add to our knowledge and appreciation of the many feathered animals we saw.

Bill Eaton handled the logistics and had scouted many interesting features that he called to our attention as we went along. Participants were Mary Bundy, Ingrid Carmichael, Tommy Carmichael, Clair Cooley, Shirley Froyd, Ardis Ebbighausen, Herman Hendershott, Miki Hutchinson, Bea Lefevre, John and Lenore McManigal, Bob Morris, Jannice Pattison, Minnie Robertson, Lois Schreiner, Verna Shaffer, June Smith, Nadine Smith and Paula Vehrs. Coleaders were Ewart Baldwin and Bill Eaton. Norman May was the driver.

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