Yoran Lake

March 9, 1986

This trip was blessed in many ways: We had sun and fresh powder snow. Considering the weather in Eugene, conditions were very surprising.

Our party of ten was strong and delightful and steamed right up there. Actually, David Freudenberg, visiting dignitary summoned to our party by John Mowat via phone from Hawaii, led us successfully to our destination of Lake Yoran. Without him this might have been a nervous and uncertain enterprise.

Past Midnight Lake the route followed the PCNST for a short distance, then freelanced through pleasant terrain on a compass course. We passed at least five lakes of assorts sizes and shapes. These are unnamed on the map, but include three affectionately known to this group as False Deception, True Deception and Deception Lakes.

This trip takes energy, but under conditions such as we enjoyed, it is a splendid adventure. Well, thinking more critically, some of us did have trouble with skis sticking and Ms. Dale picked an awkward time to get flu.

Members of this party included David Freudenberg, who lead the way, and Jane Hackett, Dave Predeek, Dick Hildreth, Sandra Larsen, Bert and Sandy Tepfer, Jannie White with Mary Fulton and Emmy Dale, paper leaders.

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