Patjens Lakes

March 2, 1986

Seven happy Obsidians left the patchy fog in Eugene Sunday morning, and headed for the big hills to the east. Just past Springfield, the sun came out brilliantly in a cloudless sky. We passed hedgerows filled with flowering Indian Plum, and at J. B. Harris wayside, the forest floor was speckled with blue snow queen in full bloom. At Ray Benson snowpark we met our party’s eighth member and together we skied off into the sunshine atop the well-settled heavy snows of the previous week.

After an attempt at skiing through the forest along a steep slope, we descended to the west edge of frozen Big Lake and reached the Patjens Lakes trail near the lake’s southern tip. The descent to the lakes was swift and, for the most part, painless. Anne Montgomery illustrated the fine art of stopping on skis by executing a series of exquisite Flying Buttocks Arrests. With a view of Mount Washington, the group lunched at the largest of the lake. The leader found just enough open water for a quick, revivifying dip before taking the seat alongside the rest.

Our return trip was a bit more strenuous, but no less lovely than the trip in. The air was calm, the trees full of twittering finches and siskins, and the sun still warm.

Skiers were Rick Ahrens, Cheryl Danielson, Gladys Grancorvitz, John Hudson, Dot Leland, Anne Montgomery, Carol Stern and leader Whitey Lueck.

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