Fawn Lake

February 23, 1986

With a rain all Saturday night, the road up the McKenzie closed with land slides and rain still falling at the South Eugene parking lot, things looked bleak for our ski trip to Fawn Lake. A group of eleven had dwindled to five by the time we headed for Odell Lodge. As we approached Willamette Pass and the rain intensified, the chance of reasonable skiing seemed slim at best.

We opted to pass by Odell and go on to Crescent because the sky seemed “lighter” in that direction. Arriving at the Crescent Lake snow park we did indeed find the sun sort of breaking through, but unfortunately the rain did not ease up.

After sitting around waiting for the rain to let up (one intrepid skier did ski up and down the road in the rain) things seemed better so we skied from the snow park to Crescent Lake Resort. This was done because the rain had made the trail to Fawn Lake a mess. Arriving at Crescent Lake Resort we decided to quit, have lunch, go home and salvage the remainder of the day.

Skiers in the rain were Jan Baker Jacobsen, Anne Montgomery, Wes Prouty, Leigh Williams, and leader John Jacobsen.

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