Shotgun Creek Park

February 8, 1986

It was a sunny, frosty morning when we left SEHS parking lot, and it stayed that way all the day. We divided our hike into two parts, going on the trai1 on the east side of the park, on to the viewpoint of ranges of hills, and back down to the park to eat our lunches in part shade and part sun. After a look at the map of the park, we started up again on the west side of the valley and went back around to our original side of the valley. There were lots of trickling streams, green moss on trees and rocks, ferns, and sights of early spring queen blossoms. (Synthyris reniformis, I believe.)

Shotgun Creek hikers were Bernie Claypool, Amy Clugston, Clair Cooley, Paul Farry, Cindy and Amber Jackman, Ken and Robin Lodewick, Elizabeth McMullin, Marsha Miller, Dewey Porter, Harlo and Marty Perrin, Lois Schreiner, L. Wells, Paula Vehrs, and leader Miki Hutchison.

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