Hoodoo to Suttle Lake

February 1, 1986

During the night preceding our ski trip, the wind howled and warm rain fell and I didn’t have much hope for decent skiing the following day. However, as we approached Santiam Pass the sun was shining and there was a trace of new snow on the ground. The air was relatively calm with only an occasional light breeze. A light frost left the snow surface firm but not hard and the sun eventually softened it a little.

We shuttled our vehicles around to Suttle Lake and our group of 10 began skiing from the Ray Bensen Parking area on the North Loop past the Blow-out Shelter, Circle Lake and Island Lake. The sun was out all day long. We skied through Corbett State Park and ended our trip at the small lodge at Suttle Lake.

Skiers were Emmy Dale, Joan Finholt, Bea Fontana, Jane Hackett, Gene Thexton, Carmen Schleiger, Leigh Williams, Tom Woxell, Vi Johnson, and leader Dave Predeek.

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