Lava Lake Road

January 26, 1986

The Lava Lake road trip always provides the unexpected. One year, finding the road churned up by four-wheelers, we chose a different location. Another year, with sub zero wind-chill conditions, we skied a couple miles, took a quick nutrition pause, and headed back to warmer places. Last year we skied past our loop road, went miles out of our way, and, beset by equipment failure, limped out in darkness. After that fiasco I vowed “never again!”.

When a new season rolled around, however, I still wanted to share this beautiful tour with friends. This year we made a successful loop: no wrong roads, no broken bindings, no bad weather. The tour was not without challenge. As we skied on the road up the creek, we found bare gravel where spring-like freshets ran across the road or right down the middle of the road. We detoured, skied on the snowbank beside the road, and several times removed skis to cross the streams of water. Finally, up on the ridge, we reveled in sunshine and the panorama of mountain scenery.

The next three miles were fast and unobstructed, downhill, and then the final mile, across Crescent Creek and up to the cars, brought us out so early I’m sure most of the skiers were home in time for the final quarter of Super Bowl.

Satisfied skiers were Dot Leland, Gerry Tomseth, Tom Donnelly, Chris Shuraleff, Jane Hackett, Carol Stern, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lee Williams, Jane Tucker, Diane Schechter, and Mike and Velma Shirk, leaders.

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