Fay Lake-Hoodoo North Loop

January 19, 1986

The Fay Lake ski trip is a long story but I will try to keep it short!

Five cars left Eugene in the rain with two destinations in mind: Fay Lake or Hoodoo, depending on snow or rain at the junction of Hwy 22.

It was snowing so we went for Fay Lake. To my surprise the road had been plowed, but there was enough to ski on. With the reasonable belief that the side road to the Lake would be OK, we found not only had it been plowed, but the pavement was exposed. A decision: go home or Hoodoo. The group chose Hoodoo. So back to the car, etc.

We arrived at Hoodoo—it was snowing and the skiing was very good. We took the North Loop Trail to the new north blowout shelter for lunch. Wood stove with fire very nice. After lunch, three members elected to ski a shorter loop back to the parking lot. The rest of us continued on the North Loop Trail for a roller coaster ride and picked up the South Loop Trail back to Ray Benson Sno Park and home.

Skiers were Doris Allen, Brian Barber, Mary Christoferson, Clay, Mark and Lauretta DeForge, Bea Fontana, Judy Forell, Corrine Hunt, John and Jan Baker Jacobsen, Vi Johnson, Herb McMurtry, Hank Plant, Wes Prouty, Gene Thaxton, and leader Jane Hackett.

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