Midnight Lake (Abernethy Rd)

January 12, 1986

Lack of snow and threat of icy conditions led us to delay start (met at 9 a.m. at SEHS) and to not attempt to try the Midnight Lake Trail (it was indeed icy when we skied off at 10:45 a.m.). The Pengra Pass Road was not bad and we sought to find more gently, flat road trails. After an abortive try at the Odell Lake Trail (SE) we found and followed Abernethy Road (NW) and followed it to its end at Deer Creek, stopping for lunch at a clearing on the way.

The sun came out and cheered us though the snow surface softened only a bit. At the end of Abernethy we crossed the railroad tracks and looked for the (signed) trail that could have taken us to Salt Creek Road and then loop back to the car. We didn’t find it, and wisely not trusting the leader’s bushwhacking skill, we doubled back on Abernethy—still in sunshine—and returned to the car at 3:15 p.m. We again met Parker Riddle who had taken a small group to Gold Lake and who seemed more cheerful than he was before the sun came out.

Drove back, still in sunshine, until just before the Lowell Bridge where we saw and then were engulfed by a huge fog bank.

Skiers were Tom Brinton, Audrey Cummings, Ann Strother, Sandra Larsen, and leader Ed Lichtenstein.

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