Rosary Lakes

January 11, 1986

Five skiers drove to Willamette Pass, having fog most of the way. One lady was to meet us at the trailhead, but we failed to make connections. We were late and perhaps she had given up on us.

We found the trail to be dirty, cluttered with small branches, and very icy. If they had had snow recently, it had melted off. With the side-sloping trail much of the way and with no ruts to keep our skis in place, it was difficult trying to stay on the trail without sliding off.

We decided not to go on to the upper lakes and went out on the lake for our lunch in the beautiful sunny weather. The sun had softened the snow on the lake just enough to make it excellent skiing. We went around the lake near shore, then found it was fun to go up on the bank and ski down and out onto the lake as far as our momentum would carry us. We did this many times looking for the best places.

About 2 p.m. we started out to the car. The leader was doing quite well for a ways until a spill destroyed one of his poles. The trail was no longer icy on much of it, but it was difficult to avoid sliding off, particularly with only one good pole. He finally walked about the last half mile.

We drove down into the fog again and learned later that it had been foggy all day in the valley. While the trail had been tough to negotiate, the beautiful weather and excellent skiing at the lake made it an enjoyable and worthwhile day of skiing.

Skiers were nonmembers Erika Wagner and Ruth Wisner, and members Sue Girardeau, Joe Turner and leader Norman Benton.

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