Shotgun Creek Park

November 23, 1986

November 23 In spite of rain, heavy at times the previous few days, the nine of us turned up for the hike and enjoyed mild temperatures, clouds, and no rain. The trail was surprisingly good considering that I was expecting streams of mud and water on the path. There were two or three pools along the way but nothing to stop us. We skipped walking out to the viewpoint but could probably have done it easily also. So we ate lunch down in the picnic area after the hike and were back in Eugene by early afternoon.

(This probably would not qualify for membership as we only hiked approximately 3.5 miles. It probably would qualify by walking up to the viewpoint, but we did not do it as the view is not a great one even in summer, and due to low clouds would hardly have qualified as a “viewpoint”. This could be done as an afternoon hike, leaving out the viewpoint, by starting at 1 p.m. and getting through by 4 p.m. I wished that I had some membership applications along as more than one person indicated interest in membership. Do leaders usually carry the applications?)

Shotgun Creekers were Oladys Orancorvitz, Ruth McCalop, Leslie Proffit, Virginia Prouty, Shirley Rhoads, Frank and Ruth Simich, Linda Wells, and leader Miki Hutchison.

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