Mt Pisgah (Buford Park)

November 15, 1986

A group of 17 on a cloudy day when Oregon was playing at Autzen was more than I anticipated for the mud slog around Mt. Pisgah. Another thing I couldn’t have anticipated was the good humor and graciousness with which the hikers followed me over rough and rocky trails, on cow paths glutinous with mud and other organic substances, and through thickets of leafless shrubs which looked suspiciously like poison oak, probably still potent though dormant.

We started our trek on the beautifully groomed Arboretum Nature Trail. Crossing the stile to the meadow, we moved up the steep end of Pisgah using trails and roadways under the power line towers. Fog swirled round us on top, obscuring views. Two of our group who had other obligations left us and returned to their cars by the usual route. After we made a half mile detour (unplanned) down the wrong road, through deep mud, another of our hikers wisely took his blisters back to his car by the regular route. Fourteen of us then found the correct road — the Ridge trail — down toward the Ridgeway Road parking access on the Pleasant Hill side of the park. From there we looped back and made a stop on the banks of the Coast Fork of the Willamette, enjoying the warmth of brief sunshine.

Next came a scramble thorough brush and trees as we tried to parallel but avoid another section of muddy cattle trail. We finally reached firmer ground, passed the old quarry and re-entered the arboretum on its wide, smooth, firm, beautifully maintained trails. The contrast in trail conditions made us appreciate our efforts and congratulate ourselves for our stamina after a good workout.

Mt. Pisgah Mud-Muckers were Bob Devine, Barb Elsen, Dorothy Hayes, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, Mike Kinyon, Dot Leland, Audrey Malloy, Mary Millman, Leslie Proffit, Virginia Prouty, Shirley Rhoads, Peggy Schaller, Pat Shaw, Betty Staeck, Linda Wells, Tom Wells, and leader Velma Shirk.

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