Scott Mountain

November 1, 1986

Despite the stormy weather in the mountains in the days preceding our hike, we believed that chances of meeting another white out on top (as we had in 1985 ) were slim. We guessed right! Under sunny skies, we hiked in from the west side, finding a rerouted and reconstructed trail around the two little meadows about a half mile in where it was once difficult to follow. Nice job! Continued up the west flank of Scott Mountain, our legs petted by the abundant beargrass along the trial, and we encountered our first snow near the Tenas Lakes.

After brunch by one of the lakes, we continued to the top, hiking in about four inches of fresh snow. The north side of the mountain had a couple feet of hard snow ( left over from September’s storms) and great view north to Jefferson and Hoes in the exquisitely clear air. Near the top we found fresh snowshoe rabbit tracks, and marveled at the size of its snowshoes. At the summit a brisk east wind was blowing and we watched the east slope’s clouds oozing their way through the passes toward us. We lunched in the lee of some subalpine firs, admiring The Girls (Faith, Hope and Chairty) as we were alternately bathed in sunlight and enveloped by the fog of dissipating east-slope clouds that blew up over Scott Mountain. It was simply delicious!

The hike back down was swift and sunny for all eight hikers: Dallas and John Cole, Jerry Crosby, Mike Kinyon, Bryant Mitchell, Leslie Proffit, Suzanne Steussy and leader Whitey Lueck.

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