Cape Perpetua

October 26, 1986

The Glynn Creek Loop at Cape Perpetua is a good trail to hike in the rain, if you like hiking in the rain. The tread is springy and well drained with a minimum of slippery rock protrusions. The first mile, heading south (cliff above highway 101), has nearly continuous canopy of spruce, fir and laurel providing a cosy tunnel from which views of the ocean may be enjoyed. Then the trail turns eastward at the creek which was too rain-swollen to cross that Sunday for a planned detour across the highway and exploration of the beach rocks there. The trail continues to climb gently for the next three miles, winding through tall trees but affording no further long views until the end of the downward stretch of the six mile loop where the ocean spread before us again.

Wind and rain kept us moving steadily and the intrepid ten who stayed the course had well-honed appetites by the time we circled back to our parking lot at the Visitors Center. (One of our cars upon arrival had decided to explore downtown Newport in preference to the moist splendors of the trail.)

The ten remaining members of the party drove down to Devils Churn parking area for a belated lunch, and it didn’t seem THAT much wetter to venture along the trail above the tide pools before saying farewell to Cape Perpetua, though we decided to postpone an ascent to the Cape’s highest viewpoint til next time when perhaps there would be less fog and more view.

In-and-outdoor participants included Bob Devine, Shirley Froyd, Gladys Grancorvitz, Joanne Haines, Lana Lindstrom, Shelley Nelton, Carrie McClish, Mary Millman, Leslie Proffit, Shirley Rhoads, Marie Stringer, Linda Wells and leaders Jack and Dallas Cole.

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