Lone Wolf Meadow and Shelter

October 25, 1986

The party out of Eugene picked me up at 9:30 a.m. at the Lowell Ranger Station. We drove up Highway 58 to Road 5847, the Shady Dell Road, and up that road to the top of the ridge. We were in three cars and because parking and turning around is limited at this trailhead I had the cars stop at the junction of Road 5840 and 5840555. It meant walking about ½ mile up the road to the trail, but I was glad that I had them stop where I did because two cars were parked in what parking area was available. One turned out to be a hunter.

The hike in through the meadow and over to the shelter was pleasant. Just before we entered the meadow some of them asked me what trail that was to the right. I hadn't realized that during this past summer a trail contractor out of Lowell had constructed a new section of the Lawler Trail from the Lone Wolf Trail down to Road 5840555. On our way back out we turned off on this new trail and walked it down to road 555, then followed this road back to our cars. We were back rather early but it was a rood idea as the weather was threatening. We were fortunate to have scattered clouds and sunshine for our hike but as soon as we arrived back down in the valley it started to rain.

Lone Wolfers were Clair Cooley, Jerry Crosby, J. Holmes, Mardi Klotz, Kay Lynes, Lois Schreiner, Velma Shirk, C. Wayne and Helen Smith. leader.

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