Diamond Peak Wilderness

October 11, 1986

We discovered a lovely section of trail! The hike from Crescent Lake to Odell Lake on the old Skyline Trail (new #42) was indeed a good one. We had a gorgeous autumn day — golden leaves contrasting with dark green firs on the drive to the trailhead. Although fairly long (10½ miles according to the signs), the trail has little elevation change and the grade is gentle. Diamond View Lake, where we stopped for lunch, for sun, and to feed the local camp robber, had a spectacular view (as you might suspect). Trapper Creek paralleled the last section of trail (Odell end). It rippled in the sun, with mossy green on the rocks and soft red huckleberry bushes on the banks.

Enjoying the autumn air and the good company were Doris Allen, Gladys Grancorvitz, Becky Hansen, Vi Johnson, Kay Lynes, Bonnie Messigner, Mary Millman, Martha Mitchell, Mary Ellen West, Eleanor Wilkerson and leader Mary Fulton.

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