Indigo Lake

October 11, 1986

In October 1985 I visited Indigo Lake with a friend on a cold day that turned the rain to snow as we approached the lake. Since summer creates an overabundance of mosquitos in this area of the Cascades, I was determined to return to Indigo Lake again in the fall. Volunteering to lead an Obsidian hike was a good way to insure this. Fortunately for our group, October 11th was a perfect, sunny day. Our scene was painted with the green of the forest, the blue of sky and lake, and the red of huckleberry leaves illuminated by the sun. The seven of us hiked into the lake and on to a rocky point on the southwest edge of the lake for our lunch break. Afterwards, a couple of us hiked up aways on the west slope of Sawtooth Mountain while the others took a walk on the east side of the lake. From the west slope of Sawtooth we had a lovely view of Diamond Peak and Indigo Lake. I’d like to thank my companions Peter Boag, Carrie McClish, Helen Lynch, Bryant Mitchell, Syd Steen and Paula Vehrs for adding to the pleasure of this trip. Leader, Anne Montgomery.

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