Heceta Head Lighthouse and Siltcoos River

September 27, 1986

Despite our dry summer in 1986, early-fall rains produced cued mushroom growth in coastal forests. Our group of nine hikers enjoyed a balmy day without rain or drizzle. Brown pelicans sailed over the ocean swells as we climbed from Devils Elbow State Park up to the lighthouse.

The first foraging area was the dense hemlock and spruce woods just east of Heceta Head Lighthouse. While these slopes showed signs of heavy picking, a fair number of Golden Chanterelles were gathered. In addition, tricholomopsis rutilens, agaricus augustus, agaricus arvenensis and a few dentinum repandum were found. A large number of aminita pantherina were in the same area. This beautiful but deadly mushroom was carefully avoided.

The second fungus forage was just south of Siltcoos river. The chanterelles were more plentiful there and both the golden and white varieties were gathered. This area sometimes holds fair numbers of King Boletes, but none were up get. All of our group took home a good supply of scrumptious ’shrooms.

Mushroomers were Dee Bray, Ted Briles, Sallyann Butler, Helen Carrny, Barb Elsen, Sue Langston, Mary Millman, Naomi Soules, and leader Doug Schultz.

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