Rosary Lakes

September 20, 1986

Thirteen hikers traveled in rain to the trailhead but the rain soon stopped after we started up the trail. The sun was out for a time, but it never did really warm up very much. After an early lunch, some did not linger for long before heading back down the trail. Joe Turner, Bob Foster and the leader left the lake at noon, heeding up to Rosary Rock. We crossed snow in places but found the steep rock above to be free of snow. It was just very wet. All three made the summit, using a rope. It was trying to snow some. At times, we were fogged in, and at other times we had a fair view. We looked around to see of there might be other routes off the top. Joe found one which he descended. He met us back at the lake at 2 p.m., after we had roped down using the ascent route.

Returning to the cars, we stopped at the Willamette Pass Lodge to pick up the others, who had gone there to keep warm. We had a dry day for most of the hike but returned to a hard rain shower in Eugene at S p.m.

Hikers were nonmembers Colleen Hackett, Mardi Klotz and Doris Potter, and members Bob Foster, Gladys Grancorvitz, Allethe and Colin Macdonald (of San Diego), Ruth McCalop, Mary Millman, Virginia Prouty, Joe Turner, Paula Vehrs and leader, Norman Benton.

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