Rigdon Lakes

September 17, 1986

The weatherman said that we would have rain — and he was right! In fact, he was right ALL DAY!

We talked of changing our plans, but most of the hikers seemed eager to go in spite of the showery weather, so we proceeded, as planned, to go to the Waldo Lake area for a hike to Rigdon Lakes. We made a colorful parade of ponchos as we slogged along like a many-hued snake. The trail was not difficult and was in good condition except for puddles.

Since Oregon needed the rain and Rigdon Lakes were as beautiful as ever, there were no complaints about the dampness. We enjoyed lunch at the second lake, sitting on a log long enough for all ten of us.

After lunch we proceeded on the loop trip which took us to the north end of Waldo Lake where the Willamette River begins. We were back to the cars by 3 p.m. It may be trite but true — a good time was had by all.

In need of dry towels were Bob and Leona Devine, Dot Leland, Ruth Longworth, Helen Lynch, Mary Millman, Hank Morrison, Virginia Prouty, Velma Shirk and the all-wet leader, Lois Morse.

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