Substitute Point/Foley Ridge Trail

September 14, 1986

The weather was crisp and invigorating for good leg stretching. The Foley Ridge Trail was a bit horsey, with a very mucky area near the trailhead. I understand the Forest Service plans to reroute this section. A new sign is now located at the Point turnoff, thanks to the Forest Service and John Cecil. Excellent views were enjoyed by all. The weather was cool at the lookout site so we had a quick lunch break and descended. If you hike with Whitey Lueck, our horticulturist, you will learn to identify mountain hemlock, western white pine, Pacific silver fir trees. You will also learn to identify the depth of the previous winter’s snow pack by observing the lichen growth line on the trees. We all had a great day and the sprinklers started as the last car door was closed.

“veni, vidi, vici” conquerers were Peter Boag, Sandra Larsen, Whitey Lueck, Shelly Melton, Dave Predeek, Hank Plant, Virginia Prouty, Bernie Quinton, and leader Parker Riddle.

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