Mt Yoran

September 13, 1986

A touch of heavy mist, called by some rain, began the day in the parking lot at South Eugene High as the group assembled. By the time we got to Greenriver Park in Oakridge there were patches of blue in the sky. The leader gave each driver directions on which roads to take so that we didn’t have to follow too closely in each other’s dust. All arrived at the trailhead parking lot without difficulty so that by ten we were on the trail. Flakes of snow appeared now and then as we gained in elevation. We wondered what it would be like later. Lunch was on the picnic rocks on the shore of the lake that mirrors Mt. Yoran. The red ribbon markers for the walk from the lake to the saddle have been removed. Instead, we discovered some trail blazes when we were almost to the top of the ridge. Everyone decided to at least attempt to get to the summit. The sun was out and the views were getting better and better which was encouraging. Slowly but surely everyone did get to the top by 1:30 p.m. At the top the leader announced his bread experiment to the skeptical comments of several. (They were right.) On the trip back Bob Foster showed us a magnificent panoramic viewpoint just a few yards off the trail. By 5 p.m. we were back at the cars.

The leader was proud of the spirit and determination of this group of hikers which consisted of Sallyann Butler, Marv and Sue Girardeau, Bob Foster, Doris Helikson, Mardi Klotz, Dixie and Rich Minkler, George Tvinstra and leader Richard Heinzkill.

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