Scott Mountain

August 30, 1986

We left at 8 a.m. from South Eugene perking lot. At this time it looked like a nice day for Eugene. Everyone was optimistic about nice weather in the mountains as we headed for the McKenzie Pass and Scott Mtn. The sky was cloudy with some light rain as we left the Scott Lake parking area. The sun broke through for about one minute as we approached the summit of Scott Mountain; visability was limited. Everyone ate their lunch with some light rain falling. All hikers, being rather chilly and damp, hiked back and returned to Eugene.

Those hiking to Scott Mtn. were Ted Briles, Ruth Coffman, Corinne Hunt, Joan Keigher, Mae Jackson, Audrey Malloy, Harlo Perrin, Lindsay Pierce, Andy and Marie-Ann Thompson, and leader Hal Busby.

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