Mt Washington Circuit

August 16-17, 1986

Our circumnavigation of Mt. Washington began at Big Lake and joined the PCNST until it intersected the north ridge climber’s trail. We followed this over the ridge, and said goodby to trails for the day. Our route around to the southeast side of the mountain was across scree slopes, rocks and scrubby trees. Two treats on the southeast side were a tunnel through the mountain and a small snow melt stream coming right off a snowfield. George Lake was over “one more ridge” several times, but we did arrive in time for Mary to swim before the sun left the lake.

On sunday we went cross-country down to the PCNST and followed it around the south and west sides of the mountain to Coldwater “Spring”. From there we followed our leader’s expert compass course to Patjen’s Lakes. We passed up the westernmost one, but stopped to swim in the next one. The water was very refreshing in the midday heat and trail dust. We continued on west and then swung north on part of the Patjen’s Lakes Loop trail. We met another Obsidian party, led by Sandra Larsen, and then finished our trip by returning to Big Lake. Hikers were Mary Fulton, Lee Hatch, and leader, Bert Ewing. Trip report by Mary Fulton.

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