Obsidian Loop

August 16, 1986

The Obsidian Loop (Spring Lake) trip found ten of our hikers sharing the loop trail with an assorted mix of people, horses and dogs. On the other hand, Dave, having been very recently released from the hospital, chose to settle for the less demanding Spring Lake Trail. Except for the first mile, at which point we parted ways, Dave shared the trail and the lake with neither people, horses or dogs.

For the rest of us, a short snack break was taken at the traditional stopping point — a sharp bend in the lava trail that first brings the Sisters into full view. Unfortunately, this allowed an extremely long string of horses to overtake and pass us. Nobody likes to follow such a herd of unabashed trail sulliers!!

At the Obsidian Creek trail crossing, the forefunners of our group took a side trip to enjoy a little known meadow complete with a charming waterfall. A scramble up the side of the falls to top the ridge brought the six side-trippers into full view of an imposing monolith with rounded dome, our intended lunch spot. It took a much more challenging scramble to bring the full party to the top where a commanding view of seven major peaks enhanced the enjoyment of our midday meal.

Our last stop was at Sister Springs above Obsidian Falls. Some people chose to comb through the obsidian rubble, fascinated both with the profusion and the myriad of shapes to be found there. Others just lazed about or soaked their weary feet in the chilly, crystal clear waters of a handy mini-lake. All in all, it was a most propituous day for a hike — or a wedding!!

Those participating in the former were Tom Cawi, Rebecca Hansen, Brad Helms, Hank Morrison, Dave Predeek, Pat Queen, Susan Roe, Kathy Stearns, Brooke Stone, Diana Tvorik and leader Bob Devine (Leona having opted to participate in the latter).

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