Roseburg, Oregon

July 13, 1986

At 9 a.m. I thought it was going to rain. By 10:20 the clouds opened and let the blue sky show and the sun shine. It was beautiful all day and temperature was 80°.

We rode through the Garden Valley countryside and stopped at the joining of the South Umpqua and the North Umpqua Rivers. Found a shed picnic table and ate lunch. Started the second half of the trip and found the county had taken out the bridge we needed to cross. Up the road about 4 miles was a 4-mile detour which made our trip that much longer than planned, although the detour was beautiful. We then got back onto Garden Valley Road along the river. The river is quite low at this time baring interesting rock formations. Then another small problem which added another extra 2 miles. We had to find another swimming area due to pollution in the South Umpqua at River Forks Park. We made a slight detour to Hestings Landing for the swim. This is where a lot of inner-tubers and rafters put in to float the river. Most everyone swam and the cool water was enjoyed. About 6 miles back to the point of beginning ready for liquid and food. The ride was 42 miles and ended about 5:30 p.m. Everyone enjoyed the trip.

Trippers were Don and Lucille Berry, Kirstin Jones, Opal McClellan, Richard and Rose Marie Moffitt, Will Spearin, Loretta and Terry Wallace, and leader Gwen Easterly.

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