Mt Fuji

July 7, 1986

After leaving Hwy 58, road #5883 had several technical maneuvers to be handled due to the current logging show. We all made it to the trailhead and pry with our hike at different rates of speed. The day was perfect for viewing when we reached our destination. Mt. Hood was even clearly visible. We ate lunch, took pictures, soaked up the sun rays, explored the area and found objects discarded long ago by the Forest Service. Finally we left the top and returned to our vehicles and officially ended the trip. Half of the group decided to explore the Verdun trail to Hell’s Half Acre on the way back. That trail provided more vegetation and lush open field; of plants. Three of the people reached the area and while they sat to rest and snack, a herd of elk passed close by. It was a good day for all. (The youngest member, Jonathan, was 4½ years old and he did great!)

Fuji hikers were Jonathan Baker, Audrey Barnes, Tom Cawi, Ruth Coffman, Jacky Fairchild, Bob Foster, Becky Hansen, Ed Lichtenstein, Carolyn Kompanik, Jerry Maul, Gary Marx, Carrie McClish, Dewey Porter, Suzanne Steussy, and leader Saundra Miles.

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