Lowder Mountain

June 28, 1986

Fabulous views were blocked by persistent fog, BUT: It was warm fog and it seemed to suit this mysterious mountain top where the Indians would powwow in the summer months. While we were disappointed in not viewing the scenic panoramas, we did sight and identify 41 wildflowers. Great fields of paintbrush and blue headed gilia were captivating. We took advantage of the opportunity to explore the top and found there a field of shooting stars. We also saw the rocks with the grinding holes, a bit of obsidian, a nest of baby birds, a toad or two, some bones picked clean, bear scat and lots of fog. Although a prerequisite for joining the trip was a good story for the top, hikers saved their stories for pie and coffee at the Cafe.

Hikers were Sallyann Bulter, Glenn Aplin, Barb Elsen, Bob Foster, Jack and Lana Lindstrom, Helen Lynch, Jerry Maul, Mary Millman, and leaders Jane Tucker and Linda Paulman.

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