Lucky Boy Mine

June 22, 1986

Eleven would-be gold seekers arrived at the Quartz Creek Trailhead promptly at 9 a.m. on an already warm Sunday morning. Our gold experts, Troy and Julie Emmett, gave panning demonstrations, displayed gold samples and nuggets and taught us more than we really needed to know about the quest for gold. Thanks again, Troy and Julie!

The creeks that usually are a problem to cross were all but dry this year. We enjoyed viewing and figuring the purpose of the old machinery and equipment — saw one deer — a couple of grouse — a mouse and a snake that were all out in the noonday sun.

Ewart was able to explain to us how gold is formed but he wasn’t able to produce any major discoveries for show and tell items —

The very congenial group on a very relaxed hike consisted of Ewart Baldwin, Bea Fontana, Judy Forell, Shirley Froyd, Chet Galka, Jane Hackett, Mae Jackson, Fred and Jean Richardson, Allan Sorenson and leader Gene Thaxton.

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