Cone Peak

June 14, 1986

Twenty-three of us headed up the McKenzie, over the Clear Lake Cutoff and back west on the Santiam Highway to Lost Prairie Campground. After a brief stop to put on boots and have a rest stop, we drove on west and parked at Tombstone Prairie, the trailhead for Cone Peak. Weather looked ominous but only fog surrounded us in the beginning. By the time we reached the base of the peak, rain was falling, wind was blowing, and fog and clouds had blotted out Cone Peak.

After some discussion, we gave up on our original destination. We followed the trail on toward the intersection with the Iron Mountain Trail, hoping it might clear so we could do Iron. No such luck, so hikers found shelter from rain and wind under trees for a quick lunch. Frank Moore and Steve Johnson offered to hike to the highway to bring cars back for a shuttle, which had us on the way home by 1:30 p.m. Disappointing, but the congenial group of hikers took it in stride. Disappointing, yes; but a bonus on this trip was that the flowers were at their prime. On the many times that I have led this trip, I have never seen them more beautiful—columbine, larkspur, cat ears, paint brush, scarlet gilia, phlox, in profusion.

Hikers were Obsidians Frank and Wilma Moore, Bob and Ellen Tracy, Mae Jackson, Miki Hutchison, Cary Marx, Audrey Malloy, Lois Schreiner, Clair Cooley, Paula Vehrs, Royal Murdock, Marge Kocher, Dot Leland with non-Obsidians Daniel Johnson, Steve Johnson, Justin Johnson, Glenn Aplin, Chris Minton, Tom Ryan, Meg Kernan, and Neff Murdock and leader Catherine Jones.

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