Rebel Rock Loop

June 14, 1986

This year’s annual Rebel Loop “Death March” (not my words — official slander by Anne Montgomery) marks the 3rd anniversary of this “event”. The ever-increasing popularity of this little endurance check out, however, is starting to cause problems. (Erosion, traffic jams, flower stomping, etc.) The 1st year 10 people singed up and 10 more or less completed the hike. Last year the leader was overwhelmed with a crowd of three. This year the turn out was one strong hiker. Who knows about the future? A pretty good guess might be that after this year’s “sog jog”, next year will be a solo hike. After realizing that all those people in the parking lot were going to Cone Peak and not with us, Bob Foster and I took off for Rebel country.

We started hiking at 10 a.m. and within an hour or so, those blue sky patches changed to gray with light intermittant drizzle, then “not so light” and “not so intermittant.” By the time we bushwacked to the base of Rebel Rock we had a “not so light” gusty wind to go with it. No mountian views this day, so we made our way to the lookout for an hour of relaxing, lunch, and rearranging wet stuff. The lookout is o.k., but prior to Helen Smith’s spring clean up, it can be a grim lunch place if you are stuck inside. (If rats ate wood, the lookout would be a pile of oblong sawdust chips in less than a year).

Next we hiked through the famous meadow where we lost the trail in the snow on the first trip, and one of the advance scouts “found” the trail and lead us down the wrong path for a half hour or so. (To keep from embarrassing anyone I won’t mention any names, but Gary Kirk knows who it was.) At last, down the steep Rebel Rock Trail to the car by 4 p.m. The following is a complete list in alphabetical order of the hikers on this weet-footed folly: Members – Bob Foster; leader – Ed Lovegren.

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