Tire Mountain

June 8, 1986

An excellent trip — the weather was fine, flowers were in full bloom on the meadows we crossed. Some foginess was around in the morning but had disappeared in the afternoon so on our way back, as we crossed a meadow on the Alpine Trail, all the snow mountains from the Sisters to Diamond Peak were visible. We had driven up the North Fork through Westfir, then up F.S. Road #1910 to Windy Pass (which is well named) to the Alpine Trailhead. A mile in on this trail we turned off on the Tire Mountain Trail. By going this route most of the elevation is gained in the car and scenic vistas along the trails are very good.

Hikers were Tom Cawi, June and Dale Christiansen, Miki Hutchison, Mae Jackson, Carolyn Kompanik, Sandra Larsen, Theodore and Laramie Palmer, Dewey Porter, Susan Roe and leader Helen Smith.

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