Waldo Mtn

June 1, 1986

Our hike to Waldo Mtn. started with a great mixup—four of the group starting up the wrong trail as the leader was making out the questionnaire at the trailhead. Even though the last half mile was under deep snow, we all reached the lookout for lunch and mountain viewing by three different routes.

After an hour or so all were ready to leave, and because it was very warm, we thought the extra two miles to Upper Salmon Lake for a swim was a great idea. After a very brief, very cold swim we made a beeline to the cars.

The stop at the ice cream store in Oakridge completed a rewarding and enjoyable day for Mary Fulton, Mike Horowitz, Chris Minton, Jim Mooney, Tom Ryan, Allan Sorenson, Suzanne Steussy, Vance Walker, Meg Kilran and leader Lee Hatch.

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