Quarry Notch (Eagle Rock)

May 11, 1986

It was a smudgy, grey morning with a faint promise of sunshine, but a definite threat of rain. We waited till almost the last moment to decide to go, accompanied only by our friend and future Obsidian, Shirley Miller. Thirty others had signed up for the more arduous Sawtooth Rock with the illustrious Helen Smith. The old quarry road was muddy but passable and only littered in the lower, unblocked-by-trees section. After a pleasant hike of perhaps 40 minutes we could see the beginning of the quarry-made notch in the cliff that was our destination. We skirted Rattlesnake Bowl and Primitive Firesite on the right and Bird-stained madrone on our left before we reached Craggy View, the jaggy thin edge of outer cliff rock that defines the north side of the notch. Those who dare to approach the edge (only one did) were rewarded with a larger view of the reservoir and the highway below, as well as the steep Cottonwood Slope on the right. Those who explored the broader quarry area also were privileged to find and stand on Dryland Raft. After a leisurely lunch with a good view even extending to some cloud-topped peaks, we started our trek back to the car and thence to Eugene where mundane activities claimed us. Quarry Notchers were Shirley Miller, and leaders Andy and Marie-Anne Thompson.

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