Eagle Rest

May 4, 1986

We left the SEHS parking lot a little after 1&nbs;p.m. and drove 25 miles to the trailhead for Eagle Rest. The clay was cloudy and sunny with a stiff wind, but the wind was of little consequence along the trail, and even on top it was not really cold and strong until we had spent a several minutes talking to a number of other folk who had preceeded us on their own. We admired a few wild flowers along the way—lady slipper, Indian paint brush, and nearly gone trillium, to name a few.

We actually got on the trail few minutes before 2 p.m. and leisurely strolled the seven tenths of a mile to the rocky viewpoint. Our party was quite varied with a small babe in arms to several in the senior citizen category. We all enjoyed the view of the Lost Creek valley, then Bear Mountain, Spencer Butte and beyond to the west, Mt. June and Sawtooth Ridge to the South, and Hardesty Mountain a bit left of that. Although clouds hung low over the terrain to the east, we could pick out Wolf Mountain and Fuji’s lower slopes. The very tail trees on top obscure the view to the north.

We were back to the cars by 3:30 p.m. having enjoyed this short hike to an interesting viewpoint. Our three carloads of hikers were interested in knowing where to find the trail to Mt. June, so we all drove over there. (The gravel pit was chuck-a-block with cars.) We returned to Eugene via the Goodman Creek Road to Hwy 58 rather than retrace our tracks on the Eagle Rest, Lost Creek and Rattlesnake Roads.

All of the folks wanting to hike this trail had arrived at the parking lot about 1 p.m. after reading about the excursion in the morning paper—one person had signed the sign-up sheet at the Y, but he didn’t show. Eagle Resters were Clair Cooley, two small boys Ryk and Nigil Francisco with Jennifer Hartman, Mart Heyman, George Kelly with two very small youngsters Peter and David plus Lis Ponder, Karen Jenkins, Rollin Kimball (from Florida) and leader Lois Schreiner.

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