Dillard Hill-Pisgah Bike Trip

April 30, 1986

We met at the South Eugene High School parking lot and went out Alder Street to Dillard Road where we removed some clothes for the climb over the hill. Tom was trying out a new mountain bike and this was a good test for his derailleur. A flying trip down the hill and on to Highway 99 where we decided to go south to Creswell instead of taking the Dillard Access Road back to Seavey Loop as originally planned. We cut over the freeway and went past the Forest Inn and south to Cloverdale Road, where instead of going into Creswell we looped back to Highway 58, Matthews Road to Seavey Loop and Mt. Pisgah.

We ate lunch and took a short hike along the Water Garden Trail to see the beautiful blue larkspur in bloom. We ran into a fellow Obsidian, Margaret Wiese, hard at work weeding a plot of ground, doing her share to beautify the Arboretum. Then we continued along the rest of Seavey Loop on out to Franklin Blvd. and on into Springfield, where I steered them to the River Bike paths to Eugene and I continued on to the great outback of Springfield.

Bikers were Audrey Cummings, Tom Woxell, and leader Rose Marie Moffitt.

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